The Great Silver Bull is HERE

Central planners have blown up the world’s money supply by five times in two decades.

Inflation is turning cash into trash.

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered an acceleration of money-printing, leading to a reset of the global financial system.

Ever noticed how some well-informed investors don’t suffer in times of crisis but instead earn fortunes?

Well, you now have that chance with silver - The Great Silver Bull reveals why and how to use silver to survive and thrive in the next financial crisis.

The Great Silver Bull is the essential guide to profiting from silver’s generational opportunity. Whether you are a novice or professional, this book will help you learn silver’s role throughout history and how it is uniquely positioned to benefit from inflation and the green revolution.

The Great Silver Bull reveals why silver is a generational opportunity that could make you rich and able to retire comfortably.

Silver is your chance to survive and thrive in the next crisis.

Written in Five Parts, The Great Silver Bull takes you through the history of silver as money, why it terrifies central planners, and why it’s set to soar as we barrel towards a global monetary reset.

You’ll understand why silver is a proven hedge against inflation and chaos. But you’ll also learn how silver is a crucial industrial metal as the world shifts to green energy. Surging demand from solar panels, electric vehicles, electronics, and medicine means supply will not be able to keep pace.

This book could mean a world of difference for your future. It might help you sidestep hardship. Even better, it may be your way to profit from events most do not see coming.

The Great Silver Bull Reveals

How silver will outperform stocks and bonds during the death of the dollar

Why silver crushes inflation

How silver is uniquely positioned for the green revolution

The secret indicator for rising silver

Silver's role throughout history as a crucial industrial metal

Peter Krauth's shocking silver price target

Why silver demand will soar and supply will not be able to keep pace

When to sell your silver

How to build your ideal silver portfolio using the Silver M.A.P. System

How the largest transfer of wealth in history has already begun

"An engaging, in-depth account of silver’s role as money, why it’s critical in technology, and a superb guide to building your silver investment portfolio to dramatically outperform inflation."

Ronald-Peter Stoeferle 

Fund manager at Incrementum and author of In Gold We Trust report


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About the Author

Peter Krauth is the editor of the silver-focused investment newsletter Silver Stock Investor ( Krauth has written about investing in silver for more than 20 years, using his extensive industry network to uncover outstanding opportunities. As a precious metals expert, he is a frequent contributor to financial websites such as Kitco and Streetwise. He is a regular presenter and moderator at investment conferences, such as the Metals Investor Forum.

Peter Krauth